I am not an end of the world type of person but these numbers don’t lie.2017 tornadoes are on the rise Storms are happening more frequently.The 2017 tornadoes are trying to break records it has started off with fury.The average is 789 per year this year 2017 we have had 948 that is 54% above normal.


  • Jan. 40—134
  • Feb. 35115
  • Mar. 76176
  • Apr. 188218
  • May 225—290

We had 4 small EF-1 tornadoes in my area on May 27, 2017.Phillipsburg, Lebanon, Dry Knob, and Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri Thank goodness no reports of deaths just property damage.I would bet these are not included in the national averages above.We have had a lot of very damaging weather this year first of May historic flooding what the experts were calling a 100-year flood but the problem with that is, we had a 100-year flood in December of 2015. Seems like these storms are happening way too often.


 I Honestly Believe

Our children, grandkids, and great-grandkids are going to have a better life than us and our ancestor’s had. But I think in some ways the old simpler life would be better not easier but maybe better.  By living this life of convenience it is real easy to take everything for granted. Flip on that light switch, turn on the faucet and run down to store to get what we need. I hope nobody has to endure a situation were utility’s and supplies are not available.

Please Alert Your Family and Freinds About the Importance of Being Prepared

By sharing this site and post with friends, family, and all the social media outlets.They might need a little reminder to check their batteries and supplies.You will have more creditability with them than some national ad they see on T.V. As taxpayers in the U.S.A.we spend a lot of money on ads by FEMA, homeland security, and ready gov. telling us to be prepared.There are social media buttons at the top of the post.The more I research these types of events the more I think people need to be alerted about them.

With awareness and having some emergency supplies in a storm shelter or at the very least a safe room in our home would make the situation a whole lot better maybe even save life’s

Communicate with neighbors to know where they are going to shelter and let them know where your safe spot is. Especially the elderly and disabled.

Even if your home is not damaged by a storm they usually knock out power for the entire neighborhood, city or county.

If Your Electric Power is Off

Do you have safe battery operated lights?

Do you have easy to prepare meals?

Do you have a way to prepare meals?

Do you have safe clean drinking water?

Do you have a battery operated weather alert radio?

Do you have a safe room?

These are questions I had to ask myself. Questions you should ask yourself and maybe even your neighbors, friends and family.

So When the Tornado Sirens go Off

Just be ready and have a peace of mind knowing you have a safe room and some emergency supplies.

You can take a look here for more tips, ideas, and supplies.

If I can be of assistance to you please drop a note in the comments below or email: joe@justbeready.net

Just Be Ready

Thanks: Joe




2 thoughts on “2017 TORNADOES”

  1. Hi Joe,

    Wow! I did not realize there has been that many tornados this year so far. And we’re only half into the year! Looking at the scale you posted for the average on 2017, those are a big difference in average numbers for each month. I live close or within what is called ‘tornado alley’. I do agree that damaging storms are increasing every year.

    Recently we had a tornado warning where one was spotted a couple of miles north from where I lived and we had been warned that this tornado was heading south…so I picked up and drove away to my brother’s place. I know that’s not the safest thing to do but my home is not quite a safe area to be in when a tornado hits.

    We always try to keep ourselves alert when tornado season comes.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Rosa

      The number of tornadoes are up this year for sure. I think you did the right thing by going to brothers. If you know you are in danger where your at why stay when have a safe place to go.Luckily the worst of the tornado season should be over. The most severe tornado I can remember in my town happened in November and it snowed the next day strange right. Stay safe Rosa and spread the word that being prepared can save life’s

      If you need some help with more information or supplies.

      Drop me a note in comments or,

      Email: joe@justbeready.net.

      Just Be Ready

      Thanks: Joe

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