How to Prepare for Power Outage

Batteries and a Power Inverter

Are a safe alternative to open flame candles or oil lamps. 

I am pleased with the performance of the 3000 watt continuous run,6000 watt peak inverter i recently purchased. Got it for less than 300.00 dollars.

how to prepare for power outage
3000 watt power inverter

Hooked it up to a used remanufactured deep cycle battery out of my boat that is two years old.Only paid fifty dollars for it.

When trying out i plugged in l.e.d. shop light didn’t even register on the inverters meter.So plugged in my coffee pot it pulled 800 watts when brewing and 200 to 300 watts on warmer.Brewed a pot of coffee just fine. And that is with the one battery. Continue reading “How to Prepare for Power Outage”