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Wheat Berry

Wheat is a good thing to have in your emergency food supply. The best way to prepare wheat to get the most nutritional value from it, in my opinion, would be cooking or sprouting wheat berries. Storing wheat long term is easy so you might as well get the most nutrition from it by eating wheat berries whole. I think everybody should be self-reliant.
Contents of this blog include:

  • What are wheat berries
  • Wheatberry nutrition
  • Different varieties of wheat berries
  • How to cook wheat berries
  • Ways to prepare and eat
  • A recipe to use wheat berries in. Wheat is one of the best foods to have in your emergency supplies. Read on and I think you will agree.

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Wheat Four Mills | Just Be Ready

What is a Wheat Flour Mill?

It is a tool to grind whole wheat grain into flour.

Many types and styles I well expand on this later.From wheat to flour with simple hand mill.

Why would you want to grind your own wheat scroll down.

Benefits of grinding your own flour read on.

Easy or hard to do?

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What is Freeze Dried Food | Just Be Ready

 What is Freeze Dried Food

The short answer is any kind of food that has been frozen, then the temperature brought back up enough to remove all the moisture. This

emergency food
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