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Backpack or bugout bagIt will not take a lot of gear to go backpacking for 2 or 3 days.
Of course, the weather is going to make a big difference.
This backpacking gear list will be referring to spring, summer, and fall hiking/camping.
I am going to list each item and a brief description.

    • Backpack– The one I am using has 4 small pockets, Two mesh pockets with elastic and the big main compartment.Nicely padded shoulder and hip straps. Plus extra padding for your shoulder blades and lower back. It is constructed out of 600d polyester with a capacity of 2,400 cubic inches (40 liters).
    • Tent-Eureka Solitaire backcountry a one-man tent. The rain fly rolls back in good weather for extra air flow or star gazing.Set up 21.5 sq.ft. it has a small pack size of 4” x 17.5” and weighs only 2lb.s 10oz. Constructed very well.
    • Sleeping Bag– Kelty Rambler rated down to 50 degrees I went with the KeltyOne man tent set up in camp ground at Bennett spring. 50 for the small pack size when in the compression sack. Weights only 2.2 lb.s and is constructed very well. I plan on carrying an emergency blanket and tact bivvy emergency sleeping bag. If I needed a lower temperature rating I could put the Kelty in the bivvy.
    • Sleeping pad– Outdoorsman air up mattress is light wt. and compact. It is not very thick when inflated but to my surprise was comfortable to sleep on. Very easy to inflate only about 10 breaths and it is aired up fully. There is a patch kit included.
    • Rain Suit– Frog Toggs are light wt. , compact, and durable. Can be used for an extra layer in cool or cold weather.
    • Flashlight– Small led that adjusts from a wide down to a narrow beam. Plus 3 settings low, high, and flashing. It can clip to your belt, pocket, or pack. Takes 1 aa battery.
    • Head Lamp– Pro-4 Tactical also has a wide, narrow, low, high, and flashing beam. Feels a little bulky to wear but very functional light a headlamp is a must have for me. Takes 3 aaa batteries.

  • Extra Batteries- For all your gear that needs them.
  • Fire Starters– Bic lighter, waterproof matches, and dry kindling. It is recommended you have 3 ways to start a fire.
  • Water Filter– Sawyer squeeze water filtration system works really well with the exception of the collection bag was a little hard to fill. You can purchase an open top bag to collect water in. The filter will fit on a smart water bottle.
  • Cooking Pot– Stanley stainless 24 oz. with handle, lid, and 2 cups that store inside. Having 2 cups you can have a hot drink with your hot food. You will need a spork or eating utensils. I also carry extra ziplock baggies and aluminum foil.
  • Cooking Stove– Fohoz titanium camp stove will fit right in your Stanleyheating water in stanley cup with backpacking stove Cup. Comes with its own carry pouch. Takes a fuel like a performance blended by Coleman. It just screws right on top of the fuel canister.
  • Knives– Small pocket and hunting knife.
  • Medicine– What I normally take at home. Plus some antibiotic cream and band-aids. Maybe a small first aid kit but you have to think about weight and space.
  • Toiletries– toilet paper, disinfectant wipes, toothpaste, toothbrush, small soap, and small hand towel.
  • Clothes– Extra socks, underwear, warm hat, gloves, and some warm bedclothes. You could use bedclothes for an extra layer to hike in if you had too. A jacket that is warm lightweight and small to store in the pack. The season and weather will play a huge roll on what clothing you bring and wear.
  • Food This is really a personal preference, instant oatmeal, instant mashed potato, tuna fish, mac and cheese, dried fruits, and peanut butter are a few of my favorites. Dehydrated and freeze dried meals work well add hot water and you got a complete meal. Just be weight and space conscious. If you would like to learn some more about freeze-dried food click here.

I have gone on a few overnight campouts using only my backpacking gear and what is on this list. Had everything I needed and was comfortable and had a great time.

You don’t need a lot of stuff to go on an overnight backpacking trip. So if you have been wanting or thinking about a backpacking trip don’t let the gear hold you back. This is a good backpacking gear list to start out with. If you are not wanting to buy maybe borrow from a friend or rent some gear.

Check out this link for the Ozark Trail in Missouri.

I would love to know what you have in your backpack or some suggestions on what I should add to mine.
Just drop me note in comments below.
Thanks: Joe
Just Be Ready

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