Be Prepared and Survive

If we are prepared we will Thrive..

It is not to difficult to be prepared and survive.For the short term power outage, snow storm, or what ever the circumstance might be. A few days of food ,water,and candles would feel like blessing in a bad situation.

A simple can organizer

I think these are a really neat idea.There is DIY’s in many different styles.


Do Not depend on help

Form organizations like Red Cross and f.e.m.a. Although they do a excellent job.They have a hard time keeping up with what seems to be a growing demand for assistance.

I Would like to know what you have in your be prepared and survive stash? leave a comment


7 thoughts on “Be Prepared and Survive”

  1. I really would appreciate a check list that would be very helpful in getting started In “just being ready ” Thanks , Vera

  2. Hi I want to congratulate on such a easy to navigate site! I think it is very interesting and am looking into some of the things possible even Christmas gift ideas!!!!!

  3. We have a can organizer and it really is very helpful in knowing what you need ! In case of an emergency situation it also would keep you stocked for food for a long time ! I should have two filled up !

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