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Have you ever been Driving along and all of a sudden traffic comes to a stop?

In front of you is stopped traffic as far as you can see. In a very short time, all you can see behind you is stopped cars.Nowhere to go just sit and wait it out.We all have probably been in that bad situation.I have many, many, times.Since I have driven a truck over the road for twenty years.

Been shut down for:

  • Weather
  • accidents
  • Road Construction
  • Just too many cars not enough road
  • Smoke and Fire


The best auto emergency kit we can have is a very personalized kit.

  • Family size and age?
  • Physical limitations?
  • Medications?
  • Winter or Summer?
  • Just personalize it for our needs.

school of hard knocks

I went there when first started trucking. Got caught out in road shut down, with no water or food.In about four hours you start getting thirsty and little worried where I am going to get something to drink.After eight hours you are really thirsty and something to eat sounds good.Luckily six hours later the road was open and I was able to find food and water.

you do not have to learn the hard way like I did

  1. Get an auto emergency kit that meets our needs.
  2. Do all we can to avoid driving in bad weather.
  3. If we know there is road construction that’s causing a back up try taking a different route.
  4. One hour early or later makes a lot of difference in traffic flow.
  5. Slow down and don’t tailgate maybe we won’t be the one causing the backup because of our accident.
  6. Keep our gas tank full.
  7. We need to have a plan.
  8. Phone Charger.
  9. A good book or video game.

in one hour

Just about every shut down I have been in people start getting out of their cars and trucks in an hour or less.Worrying when the road is going open up. I have had people come ask me for food and water in shutdowns.Seen cars pushed on the shoulder out of gas.

we can be

Taking it in stride with a little planning ahead and a few emergency supplies. A good book to read passes time a lot faster.


You can it find at

Also, many different emergency kits to choose from and compare.

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20 thoughts on “Best Auto Emergency Kit”

  1. Love it. This is a wake up call to all of us who spend a lot of time on the road but don’t have that kit. While I have a kit, just reading your post reminded me just how woefully lacking it is. Next I will be checking out your resources page. Thanks for the reminders!

    1. Just being aware and doing an inventory of our emergency supplies is a step in right direction. We can get about whatever we need off the resource page and some good ideas.
      Thanks: Joe

  2. Hi Joe,
    I enjoyed reading your article. Thank you. You have given your readers some good ideas.
    I agree with you about having a personalized emergency kit. I think in general we just buy regular emergency kits which are fine but for the types of emergencies you’ve mentioned it’s very sound advice to have food, and water. To make sure your gas tank is full and especially that you have your medication with you. You’ve made very valid points regarding what we just consider when preparing our personalized emergency kit. If it’s winter, I would add having some blankets too. You never know how long the wait will be and you might need to turn off your engine or the vehicle may break down and a blanket would come in handy.

    1. We just don’t know when or for how long that shutdown might last. I was in a road closure fifteen miles from my home it lasted for fourteen hours, but I was still stranded there nobody could get to me even if they could have I couldn’t leave my vehicle on the road.A few emergency supplies make the wait a lot more bearable.
      There are many different kits at to compare.


  3. Thank you for sharing! I have not really thought about the need for an emergency kit for driving or road trips, except for maybe having more bottles of water on long journeys. Having emergency supplies is something that I used to have to do when I went hiking or camping in the mountains. But I totally agree that having a kit is essential in case the road is closed. Must be prepared for anything that could happen!

    1. Going hiking and camping are some valuable skills to have in a survival situation.We really need to pass these skills down to our children and grandchildren.
      I have been shut down on the road for close to twenty-four hours.Granted for driving a truck with a fifty-three-foot trailer it makes it more difficult to turn around.I have seen state police turn cars around send back on the wrong side of the road.
      Water is most important to have with you. In winter conditions a nice warm blanket and clothing. Some good non-perishable snacks. I would recommend freeze-dried that way if they have been in our vehicle’s for a long time we can consume them without getting sick.
      If you need some help putting your emergency kit together I will be more than happy to help.
      Thanks: JOE

  4. I am guilty as all get out when it comes to emergency preparedness. I need to have a kit in the car and one at home. I have no idea why at my age, I don’t know better. This is a must do for each family. Thanks for the reminder, I need to get on this. Really well done, keep up the good work!

    1. I am really glad it came to your attention the importance of being prepared.Spread the word it seems there are more reasons to be prepared than there was 10 or 20 years ago.If you need some help preparing let me know I will be happy to help.There are some good supplies and ideas on my resource page.
      THANKS: Joe

  5. I hAdnt thought about the importance of a emergency kit , but thanks , I will go check out the ones you have online ! Plus we travel with dogs so another thought would be – dog food!

    1. Yes getting stranded on the road even for a few hours without water and food can be very uncomfortable.I know people that if they didn’t have food for their pets they would go hungry themselves to feed their pets.So don’t forget about your pets in an emergency situation.
      If you need some help putting your emergency kit together drop me a note in the comments.
      Thanks: Joe

  6. I guess this is something most people don’t even think about.

    I know what it’s like to be shut-down for hours; I was an over-the-road trucker. I did it for approximately 20 years before I decided to do something else.

    The worst I’ve ever experienced was a really bad snow storm that took most of the north-East by surprise. About 2 feet of snow fell that crippled most of the highways.

    I actually spent about 12 hours right smack in the middle of an Interstate highway, along with many others, unable to move. So, I can definitely relate to your post.

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. I love your article. I’ve been in this situation before and it can be scary especially if you don’t when you’re moving, what’s causing the backup, and what the weather is. It’s true that most of us are not prepared including myself. But this opened up my eyes. I will make sure I have an emergency kit with all the essentials I need. And I alway try and never let my gas tank get to less than 3/4 full.

    1. Hey Rob

      I think we all have been caught up in a traffic jam for one reason or other.Sure makes it easier to bear if you got something to drink and eat. A good book helps pass the time.I have some partners that have emergency kits with everything you would need. You don’t have to put your kit together one item at a time.

      Thanks for stopping by.If you need some help with your emergency kit drop me note in comments.


      Just Be Ready


  8. I can definitely identify with the need for a customized auto emergency kit. I keep one in my vehicle at all times.

    My kit comes stocked and prepared for basic medical applications, along with a week’s supply of food and 3 days’ supply of water. I even pack additional gear in case I have to abandon my vehicle and trek cross-country for help.

    Some of my friends call me “paranoid” but, I have been caught in more than one occasion where I was immensely comforted by my kit.

    I recall one instance a few years ago when I was driving south into Florida. It started raining…like a monsoon. It was coming down so hard even 5 mph was too fast to drive so I pulled over and watched cars whizzing past me like they had x-ray vision and were able to see through the thick sheets of water coming down.

    Then, it happened. First one car…then another…then another. All of a sudden, we had a major pileup of wrecked cars and gasoline fires breaking out all over the place. It took almost 12 hours before we were able to drive through the debris.

    In the meantime, my medical kit was exhausted as several of us tried to patch up some of the injured and stabilize them until the ambulances could get to us.

    This drove home the reasoning to my friends…why I will never…ever…get in the car and drive anywhere without an emergency kit.

    Guess what? Now they all pack their own emergency kits!


    1. Hey Jim

      I am glad you had the wisdom to stop in those bad driving conditions a lot of people don’t. I have seen some big pill ups due too snow and ice. The more I research why we should be prepared for emergency’s in all areas of our life’s. The more I want to alert people about it. A big thank you for sharing with friends on the topic.

      If you have any questions or would like to share some of your ideas on being prepared please to so in the comments or.


      Just Be Ready

      Thanks: Joe

  9. This is really cool. i’ve been driving for almost 15 years and i never had an emergency kit. It just never seem it was necessary for me or maybe i was just to cheap to actually invest in one. But I never realized how valuable they can be in a time of crisis. Especially in the crazy world we live in, anything can happen out there on them roads. I’m definitely going to make my own emergency kit. Great article, definitely sharing this on facebook.

    1. Hey Garrett

      I am glad you enjoyed  the post and it got you motivated to put a emergency kit together.

      A personalized kit is the way to go.depending on area and season you are traveling in.

      You might want to check these people out on this page they are experts on what you will need and have been in business for many years:

      Thanks for sharing on Facebook and spreading the word of how important it is to be prepared.

      Thanks Joe

      Just Be Ready

  10. Great article, this a great reminder for everyone.

    I personally hate being stuck in traffic especially when I’m in a hurry to get to where I’m going. Number 1 on my list aside from making sure my gas tank is full, would be food and water. In case I’ll be stuck for hours I can just stay in my car, enjoy some music or net surfing or working on my website while enjoying my favorite foods and drinks.

    I agree with you, planning is very important.

    1. Hey Alice

      Getting stranded on the road it seems to happen when we are least expecting it.

       And can be very near our home.

      So having snacks and water in our car at all times might be a challenge.

      Long shelf life snacks are the way to go  they will be safe to eat next year as the day you put them in your car.

      Next to getting thirsty or hungry being cold is my biggest fear.

      I highly recommend a long shelf life emergency kit.

      I will be more than happy to answer any questions.

      Just drop a note in the comments or email me.

      Thanks: Joe

      Just Be Ready

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