Best Survival skills

What Survival Skills Do You Have?

  • First aid training?
  • Safety training?
  • Camping skills?
  • Growing your own food?
  • Making water safe to drink?

Having a few skills like these will make life a lot easier if you need them. And can be enjoyable to learn.

first aid training

What if a family member is having a heart attack do you know CPR? What if they get cut in a survival situation can you take care of it?Having first aid skills will be a huge asset for you to have. If not for yourself and family maybe for our neighbors and community where we live.The Red Cross has good training.

safety training

With some safety training, you might avoid using the first aid training.It seems like after every power outage it is in the news about somebody’s house burning due to improperly using candles.Or carbon dioxide poisoning from a gas heater or cooking on a barbecue grill indoors.The National Safety Council has listed seven of the areas were the most accidental deaths happen.

  1. Poisoning: With overdoses due to opiates.
  2. Motor Vehicle Crashes: Taking a second seat to overdoses.
  3. Falls
  4. Choking and Suffocation
  5. Drowning
  6. Fires and Burns
  7. Natural and Environmental Incidents

These seven areas would be a good place to start brushing up or acquiring some safety skills. National Safety Council has training That is free training online or your fire department might offer classes or resources.


Camping can be enjoyable for children and adults.I personally think every kid should get a chance to go camping and learn camping skills.They will learn to build a fire, cook, and make a shelter.And have a lot of fun doing it.Who knows maybe get to see some wildlife in their habitat.It’s pretty neat seeing deer running about thirty miles an hour through the woods sailing over six-foot fences. Take a book about plants and see if you can find some edible plants.Or the ones you need to stay away from like poison ivy and poison oak. There are so many survival skills to learn from camping you could write a book about it.I highly recommend get out and go camping.By having some camping supplies you will also have a good start on your emergency supplies kit.

I have lived in a large city and know how hard it is to get away.Some of the expert survivalists recommend spending a weekend at home with all the utilities shut off. To see how prepared you really are. That don’t sound like as much fun as camping would be. But when the weekend was over you would know what you need to add to your emergency supply inventory and would have brushed up on your survival skills.

If you are in that old rat race and literally can’t get away getting your children involved in Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts would be a good option for them to learn some camping skills.]

growing your own food

Gardening for me is almost therapeutic.If you have a yard big enough to have a traditional type garden that would be great. Or just a small raised garden you will be surprised how much you can grow in a small space. Another option is containers lots of different varieties of plants will do just fine in containers.

Community gardens are getting more popular in cities.If live in an apartment check around to see if there is one in your neighborhood.You could even get one started it would be a great way to get to know your neighbors.Having a community garden you will be able to trade ideas with your neighbors to see what is working in your garden since you all will be working with the same soil and climate.Who knows maybe there is that expert gardener in your community. He or she could save you from making some unnecessary mistakes.

With my trial and error garden seems like I do everything right and mother nature says nope not having a good garden this year.Do not get frustrated.Having gardening skills is a huge asset. If it is nothing more than a flower in the window seal.If you can grow a flower you can grow a vegetable.

making water safe to drink

Boiling water sounds easy but try to build a fire in some not so ideal conditions. Having two or three different fire starting skills could possibly save your life.I took an outdoorsman class way back in junior high school.They give us two stick kitchen matches, good dry wood, and a small pan with a cup of water in it.I had to build a fire and boil the water. Conditions were good other than it was windy.I was lucky and boiled my water.Only about 25% of the class succeeded in boiling their water. We had been shown how to do it.Give it a try see if you can.Remember only two kitchen matches.You will need a good sharp knife to make wood shavings for kindling to start your fire.

Water treatment is probably more about having the knowledge than a skill. Knowing proper amounts of bleach or treatment tablets to make the water safe to drink. FEMA recommends 16 drops of unscented pure household bleach per gal of water.

Water storage needs to be practiced so we can make it a habit of rotating our emergency water supply.

Having the skill of setting up a simple water collection system. You could have a hundred gallons of water or more for bathing, washing clothes, flushing toilets or filtering for drinking.

My grandmother always had rain barrels when I was growing up.She used the water to do laundry and bathe. It really made the laundry and our hair soft.She was a survivalist but worked very very hard to have the modern conveniences we take for granted. Like turning on a faucet for water or flipping a switch for lights.

Get your family and friends involved in survival training.Making them aware of the importance of survival skills could save their lives. Having someone to train with and compare notes will make your and their training easier. Have some fun with it practicing CPR on each other.Maybe your lifeguarding skills in the pool.My family always enjoyed pulling each other out of the water.

Have a look at the Red Cross, National Safety Council, and Boy Scouts websites very good information on them.

I will be happy to help you find more resources or whatever you need.

Just drop me a note in comments or

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Thanks: JOE

6 thoughts on “Best Survival skills”

  1. Hello, Joe
    After reading your post, I have determined that I need to brush up on my health safety skills. Since being away for some years, I know the technics have improved. The information and expertise are continually evolving.
    I did work for one of the premiere Hospitals in the Tri-State area. Christ Hospital offered many free courses on health safety. I did take many of the courses they provided. I enjoyed the hands-on approach in the courses.
    Are you going to provide more information about the latest safety courses available?

    1. I bet you got some excellent training at Christ Hospital.If you ever need to put your training into action (I hope not) you, your family and community will be blessed to have you present. Safety training is one of those things a person says to them selfs I Need to do that one of these days but one of these days never comes.On the internet, there is an abundance of resources for training.I will be sharing any new information or links I find on good training.
      Thanks: Joe

  2. Joe,
    As a leader in Boy Scouts, I think you have a great list of things to make sure you are ready for survival. We have to take the first aid training every two years to keep on top of the new methods. I train the boys how to camp, make a fire without a match or lighter and how to prepare water for drinking.
    I do plant a garden, not much luck in harvest, as the animals get most of the stuff.
    I do have a camper at a lake that does not have cell or internet service, this allows me and my family to unplug for the week or weekend we are there. This keeps us closer to nature and makes us appreciate the things we have when at home.
    What do you think of a rain barrel in this day and age, do you think that too many chemicals are in the air to make it safe without treating.

    1. John
      First off thank you for being a scout leader.I worry about our younger generation not getting out and enjoying the outdoors and mother nature. I had so much fun for the short time I was in scouts.And learned a lot.I agree with rain water would need to be filtered to drink for sure maybe even to bathe with. It could be used to flush toilets etc.
      You can contact me:
      Or drop a note in the comments.
      Thanks: Joe

  3. Thanks for the great article.
    I always try to make myself more knowledgeable with regards to survival. I have done basic first aid and have a few raised beds growing veggies at home.
    The hardest resource I’d say is water and obtaining it with regards to survival.

    1. Water is hard to store in large quantities. There are good food grade containers available.But still, need to rotate your stock. Another option is a water filter. With a water filter, you could filter the water you have stored or if you got water from a source your uncomfortable with. I am glad to hear that you are aware of the fact that we need prepare.I hope you will make your family, friends, and neighbors aware of how important it is to be prepared.
      Thanks: Joe
      P.S. I have a good source to get an excellent water filter it takes everything out but the water itself.They also have water brick storage containers that stack up real nice and neat.Let me know if i can help?

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