Emergency Survival List :short list essentials

a-boy-drinking-water-at-the-park-1435799-639x852-1 THREE DAYS OF SUPPLIES

1 Gallon Water: per-person per-day. A collapsible container would be good to have to get more if needed for drinking,cooking and sanitization. A water filter in case water is contaminated in a emergency.If there is only one thing we get on this emergency survival list it is water!! We can do with out lots of things for a few days but water is not one of them.

Non-Perishable Food :This needs to be easy to prepare and nutritional.Make sure to have what we need to prepare and serve.

  • Camp stove and fuel
  • Matches or lighter
  • Fire Extinguisher

Medication:We don’t want to be sick or not feeling well in a emergency. Stay Strong!! 

Weather Radio: Battery operated,solar power and hand cranked.

  • Spare Batteries
  • Flashlights
  • Candles
  • Lantern’s

First Aid Kit: Dust mask and a whistle to get attention for help.

First aid book:

Cash: Atm’s may not work in a emergency .We might need to buy emergency supplies from someone that only takes cash.

Important papers:

  • Maps
  • Bank account’s
  • Insurance papers
  • Identification
  • Paper and pencil

Tools: Maybe build a shelter,work on car or whatever.

Shelter: Tent etc.

Clothing: Rain coats or poncho

This is a start to being prepared

Each person or family will have a very personalized need depending on size,age,and climate they live in.In 2007 we had an ice storm and sub zero temp.s We lost our electric power for 14 days. I did not have some of the things on this list. The stores sold out a of lot of what i needed in a matter of hours.No batteries,candles,flashlights or propane bottles.No camp stoves or propane heaters.To name a few.

Have a peace of mind Just Be Ready..

I would like to know what you have in your emergency kit??

Have a nice day          Joe

2 thoughts on “Emergency Survival List :short list essentials”

  1. In life, emergencies could occur anytime and it is always good to be prepared and your article here really reminds me of that. We have a bomb shelter in our house but instead of having supplies, we use it as an extra storage space. It’s time we get the thing listed here and really get prepared, so thanks for this!

    1. Having a plan is one huge step toward being prepared.Sounds like you are well on the way you got a shelter.Shelters are the safest way to avoid a tornado or bomb.Let’s hope you never have to use the shelter but it is like having a good insurance policy. If you need some help stocking up your shelter let me know?
      Contact me:
      Thanks: Joe

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