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donate to Hurricane Harvey

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Mercury One– Red CrossSalvation ArmySt.Jude Children,s Research Hospital


Mercury One has set up a fund to help the families of the victims in the church shooting in Texas.

If you need assistance or would like to help those in need read more.

Updated: 9-3-2017

The Red Cross and Salvation Army are doing great things for the victims of Hurricane Harvey but they couldn’t do it without all the support they get from you. Donations would be appreciated now.

Here is an organization that is getting 100% of your dollar to the people in need. MERCURY ONE

red cross (800-733-2767)

What a wonderful organization. The red cross has been there for people since May 21, 1881. Today they are responding every 8 minutes to someone in need.

My personal experience with them was when an apartment building in town had a bad fire and the residents lost their homes. A young lady with a baby just a few weeks old contacted me looking for an apartment luckily I had a vacant apartment. This was the same day of the fire.I give her the details location, price, and lease. The red cross gave her a voucher for her rent that day.I was totally impressed that they got that lady and her baby help the same day of the crisis.

The red cross is a good place to get help for a crisis.Or if you would like to be involved in helping others in need.

CALL: 1-800-REDCROSS (1-800-733-2767)


salvation army

Support for Adults


Finding cures. Saving children
Families will never receive a bill
from St. Jude for treatment, travel,
housing or food.Because all
a family should worry about is helping
their child live.

Founded in 1962 by Danny Thomas.This children’s hospital is dedicated to finding cures for cancer.I cannot think of a crisis that would be more challenging than your child being sick.

Hospital: 866 -278-5833


4 thoughts on “Help For a Crisis”

  1. Thanks for the information you shared Joe. Sure is handy to have it all in one place, especially when that unexpected disaster strikes.
    I wasn’t even aware of all the support services that the Salvation army is rendering.
    …Thanks for sharing.
    Cheers 🙂

    1. The Salvation Army helps a lot of people in many different ways. The salvation army was founded by William Booth in 1878.What took me by surprise was the donation that Joan Kroc gave 1.5 billion wow. There are 26 Kroc centers today and still growing.
      Drop me a note in the comments if I can help you with any of your being prepared plans. It would be awesome if you could share some of your ideas on being prepared for a crisis.
      Contact me:
      Thanks Joe

  2. Hello, Joe
    I have supported many organizations that provided assistance for people that have been struck disaster. The organizations you mentioned in your post are the ones at the top of my list. I still support these organizations today.
    My Uncle who use to live on the banks of the Ohio River and was consistently struck with flooding until the flood wall was constructed. He was a Red Cross volunteer. My Uncle helped quite a few flood victims when he was a volunteer. Without these volunteers a lot of people wouldn’t have any help if it wasn’t for the Red Cross.
    The flood wall eventually took his house and he had to move. He has past now but he loved the Ohio River. His friends called him a river rat.
    The people (river rats) who live along the Ohio River are a tenacious sort.
    I appreciate your post for bringing awareness of these organizations. They should be recognized for their selfless efforts and all deserve our support and prayers.

    1. Keven
      Thank you for supporting these organizations they need it.There are so many people that don’t have the ways and means to be prepared for a crisis.Then there is those who thank it will never happen me.I think that is a huge mistake.It can happen to you me or anybody at any time.These organizations resources should be for people that honestly need it.With the growing demand for assistance, how can they keep up?It is not too expensive to have three days of emergency supplies.If we can bring awareness for the need to be prepared it would enable Red Cross and Salvation Army to help those who can not help themselves.
      For more info. and supplies check out
      Thanks: Joe

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