How to Prepare for Power Outage

Batteries and a Power Inverter

Are a safe alternative to open flame candles or oil lamps. 

I am pleased with the performance of the 3000 watt continuous run,6000 watt peak inverter i recently purchased. Got it for less than 300.00 dollars.

how to prepare for power outage
3000 watt power inverter

Hooked it up to a used remanufactured deep cycle battery out of my boat that is two years old.Only paid fifty dollars for it.

When trying out i plugged in l.e.d. shop light didn’t even register on the inverters meter.So plugged in my coffee pot it pulled 800 watts when brewing and 200 to 300 watts on warmer.Brewed a pot of coffee just fine. And that is with the one battery.

how to prepare for power outage
12 Volt deep cycle

I am thinking batteries and a power inverter is how to prepare for a power outage.

I am in the process of hooking up four batteries think i will go with remanufactured batteries since i can get four for around two hundred dollars. I want to do this without spending any more than i have to.Most people i know are on a budget.

A few Lights only

We would only need a small inverter and one battery.A 150 watt will be plenty to run several led lights.

how to prepare for power outage
150 watt inverter
how to prepare for power outage
Led 110 volt lights

I run all four of these lights off this small inverter .They were on for 15 hours.We can get two or three nights of lighting off one battery charge.You can buy a small inverter for less than $50.00

Safety First

We are inverting DC to AC need to be aware and treat it like any electrical plug-in or appliance.

Follow manufacturer instructions.

My Goal

Is to give you some ideas on how to be prepared for a power outage.

If you have any questions or ideas of your own please feel free to leave a comment below.

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4 thoughts on “How to Prepare for Power Outage”

  1. I wish – I had read this earlier ! We are getting ready for potential storms including tornados ! We are not prepared at all , but I am now thinking we should be ready !

    1. Tornados are so scary! And hard to prepare for a person needs to have a under ground shelter.A freind of mine i work with went though a bad tornado in Stockton,Mo.several years ago said it pulled everything out of basements like you had swept them clean.He says the best thing to do is to leave the area if chance of tornado.You can get some good supplies and idea,s on
      If you have questions?

  2. I never thought about purchasing an inverter for preparing a power outage. My plan has always been to prepare some torches, which are new LED ones so they last longer. But even more recently I have just been relying on lights from our mobile phones. I think I really should start thinking about preparing for emergencies in case anything does happen.

    1. I like my inverter and battery. We have led bulbs in all our lamps.There is plenty power off one battery charge to run them for several days.My goal is to have six batteries charging from solar panels and a windmill.
      If you need some help? Let me know if I don’t have an answer for you I will try to find it.
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      THANKS: Joe

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