Emergency Supply Kits

                   Twenty-Two Reasons

                              Why we need emergency supply kits.

That’s right there was twenty-two named winter storms in the 2016/2017  season  Beginning with Argos and ending with Valerie.

  • These Storm’s Produced Lots of:
  • Snow
  • Ice
  • Flooding
  • Triggered severe weather such as Tornado’s
  • Blizzards
  • Hurricane force winds
  • What I see in common with these storms is:
  • Power outages
  • Road closures
  • Evacuations
  • Property damage
  • Time off work
  • Loss of life
  • Are you ready for 2017/18 season?
  • Do we want to be dependent on family, friends and worst yet the government?
  • We do not need to put ourselves in that ugly predicament.
  • What would we pay for a drink and snack after going without for 24 hours $10.00,$100.00, maybe $1000.00
  • I think we would pay whatever we had to!!
  • We should take an action and be prepared !!
  • With some planning, we can be ready for storms if  they come our way.
  • If we’re ready maybe we will not be sitting in dark and worried if we have a good supply of food and water for our loved one
  • Winter Storm–( Main Region Impacted)– Arrival Compared to Average (2012-2016)
  1. Argos-(Midwest/Northeast)- Late
  2. Blanche-(Midwest)- Late
  3. Caly-(Coast-to-Coast)- Late
  4. Decima-(Coast-to-Coast)- Late
  5. Europa-(Northern Plains)-Near Average
  6. Fortis-(East Coast)-Late
  7. Gregory-(Northwest)-Slightly Late
  8. Helena-(Southeast)-Near Average
  9. Iras-(Northwest)-Slightly Early
  10. Jupiter-(Coast-to-Coast)-Early
  11. Kori-(West Coast)-Early
  12. Leo-(West Coast)-Early
  13. Maya-(Coast-to-Coast)-Near Average
  14. Niko-(Midwest/Northeast)-Near Average
  15. Orson-(Northeast)- Average
  16. Pluto-(Northeast)-Near Average
  17. Quid-(Plains/Great Lakes)-Near Average
  18. Reggie-(Northeast)-Late
  19. Stella-(Northeast, South)-Late
  20. Theseus-(Northeast)-Late
  21. Ursa-(Central Plains, Rockies)-Late
  22. Valerie-(Rockies)-Late                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Luckily 2016/17 was a very mild winter for me in Missouri It was in 2007 that we had a bad ice storm that took down lots of trees it seemed like it took them all down in my county and the neighboring counties. Then the temperature dropped down in the single digits.(Fahrenheit)
  • why you need a emergency supply kit                                                                                                                      Ice Storm 2007

I lost power for two weeks. Supplies ran out in town in one or two days there was food and water available. But I  heated my home with electric. My cook stove was also electric.

  • No portable propane heaters or gas camp stoves.
  • No portable propane bottles.
  • No gas generators.
  • No candles. No flashlights
  • No flashlights
  • No batteries

This is just a few of the supplies that were not available.

It was a huge eye-opener for me on how important it is to have emergency supplies stocked up.

If you don’t already have I really hope you make a plan and have at least a few days of emergency supplies.

Talk with your family and friends especially the elderly and disabled make sure they have a plan or help.

Here are some vendors that I have purchased emergency supplies from and got excellent service!! BROWSE HERE 

If you have  questions  Contact me: joe@justbeready.net

Or drop a note in the comments below.

I would love to hear what you have in your emergency kit?

What is your prediction on how the 2017/18 winter in your area?

Here is a good source for 2017/2018 predictions.

Thanks: Joe

Just Be Ready

How to Prepare for Power Outage

Batteries and a Power Inverter

Are a safe alternative to open flame candles or oil lamps. 

I am pleased with the performance of the 3000 watt continuous run,6000 watt peak inverter i recently purchased. Got it for less than 300.00 dollars.

how to prepare for power outage
3000 watt power inverter

Hooked it up to a used remanufactured deep cycle battery out of my boat that is two years old.Only paid fifty dollars for it.

When trying out i plugged in l.e.d. shop light didn’t even register on the inverters meter.So plugged in my coffee pot it pulled 800 watts when brewing and 200 to 300 watts on warmer.Brewed a pot of coffee just fine. And that is with the one battery. Continue reading “How to Prepare for Power Outage”

Emergency Survival List :short list essentials

a-boy-drinking-water-at-the-park-1435799-639x852-1 THREE DAYS OF SUPPLIES

1 Gallon Water: per-person per-day. A collapsible container would be good to have to get more if needed for drinking,cooking and sanitization. A water filter in case water is contaminated in a emergency.If there is only one thing we get on this emergency survival list it is water!! We can do with out lots of things for a few days but water is not one of them.

Non-Perishable Food :This needs to be easy to prepare and nutritional.Make sure to have what we Continue reading “Emergency Survival List :short list essentials”

Be Prepared and Survive

If we are prepared we will Thrive..

It is not to difficult to be prepared and survive.For the short term power outage, snow storm, or what ever the circumstance might be. A few days of food ,water,and candles would feel like blessing in a bad situation.

A simple can organizer

I think these are a really neat idea.There is DIY’s in many different styles.


Continue reading “Be Prepared and Survive”