Survival frog

Their home is Denver, Co. They have an excellent inventory of emergency supplies. With a 100% 6-month guarantee for any reason.They feature the Big Berkley water filters.Check them out I think you will be impressed I know I am.


Offers freeze dried 25-year shelf life emergency food and much more.They have an excellent food comparison chart so you can make an educated decision before you purchase emergency food.So take a look it doesn’t cost anything to look.

Legacy Food Storage

America’s top-rated supplier

I am a little partial to these guys they made me aware of the importance of being prepared.I just love their website.They feature Alexapure gravity feed portable water filters. And any other emergency supplies you will need in a crisis.




Offers a large variety of emergency kits for home, office,  school, or auto.They make it easy for you by putting these kits together.You won’t have to purchase a piece at a  time.They have been in business since 1989.They also offer a lot of safety supplies.Check out their pepper spray and stun guns.


earth tech

Is all about solar and wind power.They have all kinds of solar lighting, solar chargers, solar generators. What caught my attention was how affordable their wind turbines are.I always thought power generating windmills was out of my budget but maybe not.Check them out it is a very interesting site.

Outdoor Survival Kits & Camping Food

6 thoughts on “Resources”

    1. Hey Samuel
      Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at what earth tech has to offer. I think it is awesome that solar and wind power are getting affordable for the average person.With led bulbs and appliances not needing as much power.You do not have to have a huge system.
      I will be happy to help you find what you need.
      Drop me a note in the comments.
      Thanks: Joe

    1. Thank you it is always good to know my site is working properly. Hope you found what you needed on this page my partners have some good supplies and information.
      If you need some help finding what you need drop me a note in the comments or.
      Just Be Ready
      Thanks: Joe

  1. Hi Joe- Was just on your page to do with clean water and I totally agree, clean water is SO IMPORTANT for us … and we should be aware of what else that might be in it. I just purchased a water filter that makes the water alkaline and I am absolutely loving it. Also I have that water filter straw for emergencies. Good stuff!

    1. Hey Andrea
      I am happy to hear you are thinking of the possibility of an emergency.Safe drinking water needs to be our number one priority.
      If you any questions drop a note in the comments or.
      Just Be Ready
      Thanks: Joe

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