Water Filter Reviews

Big Berkey and Alexapure

These filters are very similar in design and how they perform.


Alexapure Pro Water Filtration System
Alexapure Pro

This filter is gravity feed and doesn’t require any plumbing hooked to it or electricity to operate. It is portable so it would be great for apartment living or grab and go in an emergency.Take it camping if you like.It will filter lake, river, or pond water.For everyday use, they clean up city water into safe good tasting water. Ready to buy now click Here.

Remove’s 99.9999 % of contaminants

  • Lead
  • Chromium
  • Chromium 6
  • Bacteria
  • Volatile Organic Contaminants
  • Nitrates
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Fluoride


  • Height: 21.5″
  • Diameter: 8.5″
  • Capacity: 2.25 gallons
  • Filters 2.3 gallons per. hour
  • Filters 5000 gallons before filter needs to be replaced
  • Each unit can have up to 4 filters to increase flow rate and extend the life of filters.

I personally own the Alexapure Filter and I am very pleased with the way it performs. Very easy to set up and use. My city still adds fluoride to our water and there are many studies that have proven that fluoride is more harmful than good.The Alexapure takes care of that problem and removes fluoride.

You can own one and have good safe tasting water for yourself and family.

Alexapure is on sale today for $177.00

A case of 35 (16.9 0z). bottled water is about 5 gallons.

Let’s just say average price for a case of bottled water is $4.00

Alexapure will filter 1000 cases of water before the filter needs to be replaced.That would be a huge savings $4000.00- $177.00=$3823.00

You can buy here!  Or read more reviews and description on the Alexapure.

If you own one of these filters or one similar I would appreciate it if you could leave a review good or bad in the comments below or any questions you have I would be happy to answer them for you.

Big Berkey

The Big Berkey is also gravity feed with no plumbing or electric.

Filters 3000 gallons before the filter needs to be changed.

Removes 100% of all pathogens and even red food coloring.

Also Removes

  • Heavy metals
  • Radon 222
  • Pesticides
  • Herbicides
  • Viruses
  • Chemicals
  • Parasites
  • VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • Trihalomethanes

Constructed of 304 stainless steel makes cleaning an easy job.Lightweight only 7 lb.s. 19.25″ tall x 8.5″ diameter. Upper chamber will store in lower chamber making it 13″ tall.
Hold’s 2.5 gallons of filtered water. Can use up to 4 elements making the flow rate 7 gallons per hour. The flow rate will decline as water gets lower in the upper chamber.

My partners are Sold Out of the Big Berkey filters,  I will let you know when they get them restocked. Or you can click link to check to see if they are available.

Big Berkey Water Purification System / 2 Black Berkey Purification Elements

Offering 7% off the original price.  $322.25-24.28= 297.97 with 2 elements.

If you have questions or need some help don’t hesitate to ask I will be happy to help you.

Thanks: Joe

Just Be Ready

12 thoughts on “Water Filter Reviews”

  1. During all the flooding the last couple weeks a lot people could have used one of theses.Actually a lot contaminated water still out there!

    1. Hey Vera
      We have had more than our share of flooding in the mid-west of the U.S.A.2015 was a very wet year. In early summer it rained one time for 6 weeks.L.O.L. Well almost continually.Then here we go again in May 2017 with historic flooding hitting the same area as the December 2015 flood.I hope we do not have another 100-year flood in 100 years. I don’t think we will be that lucky.All this flooding was a factor in me purchasing the Alexapure water filter.

  2. This is an awesome product. I like the fact that it is portable and you can use it anywhere. We just had a problem here where the city switched where the water was coming from and it smelled earthy and I was scared to drink it. This would have come in handy.

    1. Hey Ronnie
      I personally use the Alexapure filter very pleased with it takes all the chlorine smell and taste out. Plus removes fluoride. I do not understand why my city still adds fluoride to our water it has been proven that it’s not good for you. Sounds like you need one of these filters where you live. You can get one here!! Have a peace of mind with a good affordable filter.
      If you have any questions or need help drop me note in comments.
      Thanks: Joe

  3. These look great and I can see how they can benefit people that are prone to flooding. Do you think that one is enough for a household or would you need a couple of them?

    1. Owain
      The units are made of stainless steel so they will be looking good for many, many years and easy to maintain.You can add up to 4 elements for a faster flow rate. Fema recommends 1 gallon of water per person a day. With 4 elements you can get a flow rate of 7 gallons per hour with the Big Berkey.2.3 gallons per hour with one element in the Alexapure it will also take up to 4 elements increasing flow rate. One unit will be plenty for a household.You can order one here!! and not have to worry about you and your family not having safe good tasting water.
      If you need some help drop a note in the comments.
      Thanks: Joe

  4. Joe, thanks for all the information on filters. I had no concept of which kind to buy. Our water has occasionally been coming out brown. Now I have a good sense of what filter to get.

    1. Hey Andy
      I like the Alexapure no priming it the Berkey has to be primed.The Alexapure also removes fluoride a huge plus for me since my town still adds fluoride to our water.Here is a link where you can have one at your house in just a few days.The price is the same as if you go directly to the supplier I make a small commission if you go through my link. I would have to sell a trainload of these to make any money to speak of L.O.L.
      Drop me a note in the comments if I can help you with anything.
      Just Be Ready
      Thanks: Joe

  5. Thank you for this great review! It’s amazing how sometimes you’re looking for a certain product and the internet ocean takes you to a better product you didn’t even know exists.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. The alexapure pro is an awesome water filter. I am very pleased with the performance of mind.My filtered Water tastes so much better than city tap water and has to be healthier with it getting all that junk out.
      If you need some help getting a top of the line portable water filter.
      Drop a note in the comments or email me.
      Thanks: Joe
      Just Be Ready

    1. Hey Vera
      I purchased the Alexapure Water Filter over 1 year ago.The alexapure has done exactly what company said it would.Great tasting water with the peace of mind knowing 99% of the impurities removed.I don’t miss the city water taste one little bit. The alexapure would be a good investment in your families health.Here is a link for you so you can have one delivered to your door. Free Shipping.
      Thanks: JOE
      Just Be Ready

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