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 What is Freeze Dried Food

The short answer is any kind of food that has been frozen, then the temperature brought back up enough to remove all the moisture. This

emergency food
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process has been done for many, many moons. The intention of the blog is to give you some information so you can make an educated decision on stocking your pantry with freeze-dried food or not.

Some benefits of freeze-dried

No refrigeration needed.

Nutritional value is retained in the manufacturing process.

Maintains it shapes and color.

It has an incredible long shelf life.

Up to 25 or 30 years.

Lightweight for transporting and handling.

Compact for storing don’t take up much space.

Easy to prepare just add to boiling water let it cook a few minutes.

Some types just add water.

Some types just eat right out of package.

Great for a quick meal.

Or you can eat just like any other dehydrated snack. (banana chips etc.)

Good to take on camping trip or backpacking.

And of course for a survival situation you can grab it and go (light wt. and compact) or shelter in place knowing you have good food to eat.

Gives a person a peace of mind knowing you have a good supply of food on hand at all times.

No worrying about rotating stocked up food.

No worrying about is my food expired or gone bad.

The last thing a person would want to happen is to get sick in a survival situation.



You will need to compare Manufacturers.

Manufacturers have to cover their own butt.

And the food that is cooked before freeze drying is cooked with high heat. which, causes it to lose some of its nutritional value.

But still a lot better than traditional canning of foods.Automated Freeze Drying equipment

Organic and non-organic.

GMO or non-GMO.

Amount of calories per serving.

Packaging sizes that fit your needs.

Made in U.S. A. or not.(whatever country you are comfortable getting your food from).


Comparing price’s

I think most people compare price per pound.Which isn’t a bad way to compare pricing. Getting more pounds for your dollar is going to feed more people.

Than there is those who compare the amount of calories per serving.

I personally need to meet in middle on this and try to factor in both price per pound and price per calorie.

Sample packs availableWhen it comes right down to it comparing pricing is probably not as important as spending a few extra dollars purchasing food that tastes good that you and your loved one’s like to eat. Just about all distributors offer sample packs from $25.00 to $40.00. This is a good way to taste and try different kinds of food. In a survival situation last thing you want is to have a years supply of food that you don’t like.Start by trying types of food you like to eat in your everyday lifestyle.

When you make a decision on what you like you could stock a year supply of food for around $1500.00 to $2000.00 per person.

I know that sounds like a lot but it is only $29.00 to $39.00 per week.

These prices are just an estimate. Just give you some kind of idea of what the price of freeze-dried food is.One Year Supply of Freeze Dried Food

Meals that you can cook and eat right from the packaging will cost more. Of course, you will need some like that for a go bag or maybe on a backpacking hike. So you won’t have to worry about toting too many cooking utensils. Self- heating MRE’S (meals ready to eat) that you eat right out the package are priced right around $1700.00 for a 3-month supply. These are the military grade meals. With a shelf life of 5 years. I haven’t tried any myself but have talked with some military personnel that didn’t like them at all.They were probably comparing MRE’S to Mom’s home cooking, which we all know nothing compares to Mom’s home cooking.

If you was to budget $40.00 a month in a years time you could have a 3-month supply of emergency food.Now wouldn’t that be a peace of mind knowing you had a stock of 25 year shelf life nutritional food that don’t need to be rotated or worst yet discarded because of spoilage.


Why store freeze-dried food

Mother nature is always giving reason to evacuate or shelter in place with her tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, blizzardsYou can take a look here at the named winter storms in the U.S.A. in 2016/17 winter season(https://justbeready.net/emergency-supply-kits) ,earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunami, wildfires, mudslides or whatever natural disaster you have to deal with in your part of the world.Devastation Puerto Rico -- Hurricane Maria

You don’t have to look too far back 2017 was a devastating year for millions of people. Last I heard Puerto Rico still don’t have their power grid back they are getting their power from 700 temporary generators. Hurricane Maria was such a devastating storm. Heck there’s people who didn’t ever get any help from hurricane Sandy that happened on October 22, 2012. And they tried for years. All of the FEMA red tape might be harder to deal with than the storm itself.

Total economic collapse

In the U.S.A.this would be a very ugly predicament. This concerns me more than any other scenario. Can you imagine what it would be like if all government assistance ceased. There would be millions of hungry people.

A scenario more likely to happen

Would be a personal financial crisis. Loss of a job or unforeseen expenses such as medical, car breakdown, or maybe changing locations. Or maybe you didn’t save quite enough money for vacation you could eat your stock of food for month instead of going to the grocery store. And have a wonderful time on vacation with a few extra dollars in your pocket.

A person could go on and on with different situations that might put you in crisis mode.

What is freeze-dried food

It is the most convenient way to store food long term. And you can be self-reliant not waiting and asking for help to feed yourself and family.

I plan to do some more taste testing and reviews from different distributors. So far everything I have tasted is O.K. To GOOD. Like I said earlier it won’t compare to Grandma’s sunday dinner. But it will compare to box dinners you get off the grocery store shelf except a whole lot healthier. And of course don’t forget the awesome shelf life it has.(25 years) Storing freeze-dried food is like having an insurance policy you hope you never have to use it but you still need to have one.

Do I think it is PROBABLE you will have nothing to eat but your stock of food NO, but POSSIBLE YES. These are some scary times we are living though. So I strongly suggest you get prepared and become self-reliant.

My dad said the only thing you can count on is your own fingers.

Modern day processing

The modern way is called lyophilisation, lyophilization, or cryodesiccation. That is an elaborate process using very expensive equipment, that mass produces freeze-dried food for public consumption. The first factories started up in the 1970 and 80s to get freeze-dried on the shelves for the general public. At a quick glance I was able to check out about 10 major manufactures. That are probably supplying most of the distributors in the U.S. To get more in dept information on the process click here.



It goes all the way back to the Inca people. They would take their food to the mountaintop freeze it lay it out on rocks in the sun and it would evaporate the moisture out. So it is most definitely nothing new. In 1906 Jacques-Arsene d’ Aronval and his assistant Frederic Bordas at the laboratory of biophysics of college de France in Paris claimed the invention. By figuring out how to stabilize vaccines. World war II era they were freeze drying blood so it could be transported without refrigeration. What a life saving discovery these were.

I would absolutely love it if you would drop a note in comments below.

I would like to know how you feel about storing food for a crisis.

Are you storing food?

If so what kinds?

Any ideas or tips you have is appreciated.

So if I could ask for a minute of your time let me know how you prepare for a crisis.


Just Be Ready

6 thoughts on “What is Freeze Dried Food | Just Be Ready”

  1. Freeze dried food always makes me a bit nervous in the fact that it isn’t fresh. I eat canned food so I suppose that is just the same but it still worries me a little. I worked In a factory that made freeze-dried food before but not as a line worker, as a civilian doing contract work and I have to say the smell wasn’t all that pleasing if I’m honest so being the cheeky chap that I am I told the line manager that the factory stunk of crap he gave me some freeze-dried fruit to try and I must admit that I was quite impressed with the taste. Do you think it could work for most foods or would there be anything that you couldn’t freeze dry?

    1. Hey Matthew
      There is a lot of freeze dried food that is processed fresh. That you can store for years and years than just add water to restore pretty close to its natural fresh state. As I understand you can freeze dry any type of food.What I am seeing offered is complete meals like lasagna, chili, and stews etc.Instead of storing individual ingredients.If you had named that manufacturer I would be sure and stay clear of their products.My personal opinion is you don’t have to be nervous about the freeze-dried food.
      Got a question drop a note in comments.
      Thanks: Joe
      Just Be Ready

  2. This is very real! I am from New Jersey and to let many people know, the year that Sandy hit, my home was flooded 3 different times that year. My home was flooded for days and it took a good week for the water to finally recede enough to the point when we were able to go back and look at the horrible damage! In times like that, with small children, you can’t possibly think of where to start. I’m thankful I had family around where I could stay but when the clean up began, everything was difficult. Food was also an issue but thankfully the Red Cross was around passing MRE’s. Something is better than nothing and during that time, you don’t know what to do first. Anything can happen so it’s always good to be prepared!

    1. Hey Nina
      Thank you for sharing your experience with Hurricane Sandy. Sorry, you had to endure getting flooded 3 times in one year.Floods are horrible, to say the least.I have been flooded when living in a basement apartment it destroyed almost everything.I think if people had a plan for the disaster they would be 80% ready for one.
      If you have any questions or need more information.
      Drop a note in the comments.
      Thanks: Joe
      Just Be Ready

  3. I live in Singapore. And there is hardly any natural disaster here. But that is no reason to be complacent. No disaster does not mean never going to be one. So I think being prepared is very good practice. And I have been thinking about that of late. I thought of water to store. Things to get ready like canned food.

    Now, I learned of freeze dried foods. And I think this is excellent way to prepare. Lasts 25 to 30 years! Great! Of course, it is also good that we can enjoy it even on a regular day. I love it! Thanks!

    1. Hey Timotheus
      It is really a peace of mind knowing you have food on hand at all times.Happy to hear mother nature has spared you from any disasters. We have been getting hit with one right after other in the U.S.A.
      If I can a answer any questions you might have drop a note in comment section below.
      Thanks: Joe
      Just Be Ready

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