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Wheat is a good thing to have in your emergency food supply. The best way to prepare wheat to get the most nutritional value from it, in my opinion, would be cooking or sprouting wheat berries. Storing wheat long term is easy so you might as well get the most nutrition from it by eating wheat berries whole. I think everybody should be self-reliant.
Contents of this blog include:

  • What are wheat berries
  • Wheatberry nutrition
  • Different varieties of wheat berries
  • How to cook wheat berries
  • Ways to prepare and eat
  • A recipe to use wheat berries in. Wheat is one of the best foods to have in your emergency supplies. Read on and I think you will agree.

What Are Wheat Berries

wheat in tthe fieldThey are whole grain wheat without the hull. But do have the Endosperm, In which Bing defines as the part of a seed which acts as a food store for the developing plant embryo, usually containing starch with protein and other nutrients. Bran is the grain husk. That is discarded when processing white flour. The wheat germ, Is another nutritious part of the wheat berry.

Different Varieties of Wheat Berries

There is red, white, hard, soft, winter or spring wheat.
All the hard wheat varieties are good for making bread.
Red will make a darker colored bread.
I prefer the hard white non-GMO chemical free to make bread.
Some people like mixing half-hard and soft for bread making.
It will come down to personal preference.
The soft wheat berries will work better for things like pancakes and biscuits recipes that don’t require yeast.

Wheatberry nutrition

By eating the whole wheat berry you will get a lot of needed vitamins and minerals. You can get these daily percentages with a 1 cup serving based on 2000 a day calorie diet.
32%B6, 5%C, 4%calcium, 38%iron, 60%magnesium, 64%phosphorus, 36%zinic, 39%copper,389%manganese, 194%selenium, and 26.6g of protein with only 632 calories. Over 20 grams of fiber should satisfy your hunger.
With 194% of selenium per serving you will be getting a good dose of antioxidant. Selenium is a more powerful antioxidant than vitamin A, C. or E. The older you get the selenium levels go down in our bodies. By keeping selenium levels up it could actually slow down the aging process.

Wheat Berries Will Measure Up

Here is a link to a complete list of the nutritional value of the whole wheat berry. Since most the vitamins and minerals come from the husk eating the whole wheat berry is the best.

How to Cook Wheat Berries

This is really simple to do. Let the wheat berries soak overnight. Rinse them well and put in a pan of boiling water bring back to boil. Then turn down heat and let simmer 1 to 1 1/2 hours they should be tender and chewy.
Simple Recipe For an Emergency
Cook as listed above and add some honey and cinnamon with a splash of milk to your taste of liking. There are lots of recipes for salads and cereals. I am referring to the wheat berries as an emergency food. Honey, cinnamon, and powdered milk can be stored long term also. Do not forget the overnight soaking or it will take more time to cook and a lot more fuel.
I did cook and eat some hard white wheat berries like this and they were good. Like any cereal, the sweeter is the prominent taste. The texture was chewy.

Ways to prepare and eat wheat berries

The number 1 way they are prepared is ground into whole wheat flour. To make good nutritious homemade bread. Cooking them then adding to soups and chili etc. They complement salads with flavor and nutritional value. You can sprout them which brings out even more nutritional value. Add the sprouts to sandwiches and salads. Some people plant them and clip the wheatgrass to use in their health drinks. You can get creative and give your diet a nutritional boost with wheat berries.For information on grinding your own flour check out this link.

Wheat Berries Are Nutritious

If eaten in the whole state, plus they are easy to store long term. So I give them a thumbs up for an excellent food to have in your emergency food supply. I strongly encourage you to incorporate wheat into your food storage plans it won’t take that much money to store a large quantity of wheat.

I feel it is more important than ever for people to become self-reliant. With me being a truck driver for 22 years. I know for a fact the food supply chain can break down real fast, if not stop completely.
I sure would like for you to share some of your food storage plans and ideas you have.
Together we can bring awareness about the importance of becoming self-reliant.
Please click the social media buttons at top of the blog. And share all sites like this far and wide.
If you have any questions please drop me in a note in comments below. I will do my best to get you an answer.

Thanks: Joe
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2 thoughts on “Wheat Berry Nutrition | Just Be Ready”

  1. I certainly learned more then I expected to learn about wheat berries. But I am not sure where to start gathering them from?

    Can they be gotten from a supermarket is there a specific place that sells them. How to find them is also not clear to me.

    You mention people sprout them and use the sprouts for healthier drinks, do you have any recipes that taste great?

    I do agree that it’s becoming even more important for each of us to do our parts and become self-reliant. This way the world will have a better chance of sticking around for more generations to come.

    1. Hey Eric, Thanks for stopping by Just Be Ready! I buy my wheat from a local country store that the Amish own. I purchased prairie gold hard white wheat-chemical & G.M.O. free a 7.17lb.bag @ .59 cents a lb. That is a better price than I found on amazon they were $2.00 a lb. and more. The Amish store has all varieties, if you are interested in purchasing some contact me and we will get some shipped to you.
      Or for any Questions drop a note in comments.
      Just Be Ready

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