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What is a Wheat Flour Mill?

It is a tool to grind whole wheat grain into flour.

Many types and styles I well expand on this later.From wheat to flour with simple hand mill.

Why would you want to grind your own wheat scroll down.

Benefits of grinding your own flour read on.

Easy or hard to do?

This is just a few of the topics in this blog and answers to the questions above and many more you might have. If you don’t find the answer for your question add it to the comments section at bottom of the blog and I will get back to you with an answer in a timely fashion.

Why Grind Wheat

My biggest reason I like to grind my own flour is that wheat stores a lot better before it is ground.

I can store 100s of pounds of wheat for many, many years but flour don’t store that long.

Wheat stores for at least 30 years some say it stores indefinitely.

Flour on the other hand will only store 5 years if in air tight bags with oxygen absorbers.

Fresh ground flour has more nutritional value than flour that is commercially produced.

Way more control over what kind of flour you are eating.U.S.A. grows mega tons of wheat per year

Are the commercial producers really using non-GMO grain?

Is there facility chemical free?

All you have to worry about is where and who grew the wheat you want to grind or store.

By having your own home ground flour a person will do more home cooking and stop buying the unhealthy processed stuff you get at the grocery store.

Easy To Use

I purchased the small hand cranked mill (pictured above) from a good distributor online.

Very little assembly required only 3 parts The handle, adjustment knob which secures the handle, and the hopper. There is a nylon washer and milling cone shaft assembly that was already in place right out of the package, but has to be removed to clean the grain mill and very easily done just pulls right out. When,you remove the assembly cone you also remove nylon washer. Don’t lose it.

It is not designed to grind large grains such as corn, garbanzo or pinto beans.

I wanted the hand cranked for now to see how it would be to grind wheat by hand “not bad”

It is a little time-consuming but worth it.

You can enlist the kids like we used to do making homemade ice cream with a hand crank. Entice them with some home made fresh donuts.

Probably you will want to up-grade to electric one and put your hand crank one up in case of a power outage.

Nutritional Value

Wheat in the whole grain state holds its nutritional value really well

But when ground into flour it starts losing nutritional value almost immediately.

Home made bread made with fresh ground flourWith your fresh ground flour you won’t be getting all the preservative that are added to processed food.

Have you read a bread label with all the preservatives they are adding.(calcium proplonate) just to name one won’t bore you with writing out complete bread label. But my gosh what is all that stuff.

When I was a kid way back in the 60s if you left a loaf of bread out in the summer for 2 days it would get mold on it.

Nowadays you can leave it out a week or more and it just gets this funky smell and taste.

What’s up with that I am guessing all that stuff they put in our bread we get from the store.

So I believe fresh ground flour is going to be a whole lot healthier for you than store bought.

The healthiest way to eat wheat is wheat berries. Watch for my upcoming blog on wheat berries.

Types and Styles

Small hand cranked is covered above when I was describing the one I have.

I will add that the grain mills capacity is 2 cups of grain that makes about 3 cups of fine flour.

Plus they are reasonably priced at less than a $100.00. Makes for a good entry level grain mill.

Medium hand cranked mills hold 6 cups of grain. The one I have my eye on is hand made in the U.S.A. With steel and stainless steel coil auger/ grain breaker auger.hand made mill can be motorized

There are attachments to motorize or hook to a bicycle. I really like that feature you get tired of exercising your upper body with the hand crank switch to the bike and work on lower body.

These hand made grain mills are priced at $675.00 with a lifetime warranty. Additional charges for attachments.

Large hand cranked mills hold 10 cups of grain and has an adjustable feed in the Hooper. This is made by the same manufacture and has the same features as the medium size.

But does have a larger price of $1200.00

Small mill can be attached to table. Medium and large can be bolted down. Or get attachment for table.

Electric grain mills you have a lot to choose from.

They are priced from $49.00 to $499.00 depending on horsepower and grinding capabilities.

The one I liked of course was the $499.00 it is housed in a wooden box that would look nice sitting out on your counter.

It featured a 1/2 horsepower motor and will grind 8 to 9 oz. flour per minute.

With a 12-year warranty.

I found an excellent resource on commercially grown wheat and wheat flour processing this is the link.

With all the looking around my personal favorite is the medium-sized I referred to above. It has a nostalgic look about it.

And is handmade with the options of grinding by hand, electric, bicycle, or you could hook a gas power engine to it.

The large one would be a good option if you had your whole family grinding their own wheat or say a group of people.

I hope not but if you was in a long term power outage one of these hand power wheat grain mills sure would be handy.

For more tips on a power outage Click Here.

I sure hope you found this blog post informative and interesting.

Any suggestions and ideas would be appreciated!!

Got a question drop a note in the comments below.

Thanks: Joe

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4 thoughts on “Wheat Four Mills | Just Be Ready”

  1. I have often thought of getting a grinder. I love the way they look and I also appreciate fresh baked bread… I guess it doesn’t come any fresher than when you grind it yourself. Thank you for the article.

    1. Hey Gillian
      I really like my grain grinder.I have the small hand entry level one and it works fine for me.You can try one of them without investing a lot of money to see if you like grinding your own flour. Here is a link if you would like to purchase one.
      Thanks: Joe
      Just Be Ready

  2. I was surprised to read that wheat can last for 30 years, and he flour for 5, depending of course if it’s kept in the right conditions.

    I really need to eat more healthily and making my own bread is one way I could do that. I’ve always wanted to make bread, my father did when I was young. So it would be good to do it.

    How long does a loaf of bread usually take to bake? I am guessing I would have to have a few loaves made per week. I like my toast in the morning and also sandwiches during the day 🙂

    1. Hey Owain
      This is a family recipe that my sisters use. I think baking bread may take some practice.

      Refrigerator Bread

      Dissolve in a bowl:

      2pkgs. yeast
      1 cup warm water
      Set aside.

      13/4 cup hot water
      1/2 cup sugar
      1 T. Salt
      3 T. margarine
      1 beating egg

      Beat above mixture until smooth. Add 2 1/2 cups flour and beat until smooth. Add yeast mixture and beat until smooth. Add 2 3/4 cups flour beat until smooth. Turn onto a floured table and work enough flour in until you can pick the dough up easily. Put in a greased bowl, cover with a damp cloth, place in the refrigerator, and let rise. Turn out on floured table and work down and make into buns or loaves. Cover with damp cloth and let rise in warm place then bake. 350 degrees 30-40 minute’s.

      Good luck and enjoy some fresh bread.
      Thanks: Joe
      Just Be Ready

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